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  • My puppy has a condition that falls under any of the below:

    • Open fontanelle; hydrocephalus 

    • Luxating patella

    • Hernia

    • Delayed growth rate, including but not limited to dental development, sexual maturity, testicle descending, body weight and physiological development

    • Common (treatable) parasites

    • Hypoglycemia; Low blood sugar

    • Common (treatable) skin disorders

If your puppy displays any of the above conditions, please speak with your veterinarian for treatment and remedy options.

These common conditions are not covered under the 1-Year Health Guarantee.

From time to time, Peppa Pups would be happy to provide general guidance on health and care for your puppy.  These are just guidelines and cannot be held responsible for any advice provided.  Please ensure that you speak with a veterinarian for health care and maintenance inquiries.

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