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What You Need To Know


Due to the nature of teacup and toy puppies, it is not uncommon for your puppy to have the following conditions:

  • Open fontanelle; hydrocephalus 

  • Luxating patella

  • Hernias

  • Delayed growth rate, including but not limited to dental development, sexual maturity, testicle descending, body weight and physiological development

  • Common (treatable) parasites

  • Hypoglycemia; Low blood sugar

  • Common (treatable) skin disorders

The above conditions are excluded from the 1-Year Health Guarantee.

The customer is 100% responsible for the following:

  • Any and all veterinary bills once the puppy has been received

  • Any additional vaccinations and/or treatments

  • All shipping charges (if we are sending you a replacement puppy)

  • Any and all customs and duties incurred at the time of pick up in your country

  • Potty training

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