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When can I expect to receive my puppy?

Great question!  Our pups are around 2.5 months of age when we post/upload them onto our sites.  Depending on where you live (country), there are specific age and health requirements that must be met.  For example, in order for a pup to enter the USA or Canada, the pup must be at least 4 months of age and must be accompanied by a certified health examination.  Regulations vary from country to country. Please check with us for more information.

Once the it is feasible for the pup to fly, we will make flight arrangements and begin the necessary documentation (including health examinations and necessary vaccinations).  This can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks prior to the flight.

Please consult with us regarding shipping timeframes.

We work with an IATA-licensed agency, who is responsible for the flight booking with our preferred airline carriers via live animal cargo.  Note that we CANNOT guarantee or accept requests for particular dates/times for delivery.

SEASONAL EMBARGO: Please note that certain airlines will not fly live animal cargo during the Summer and Winter months (usually end of July thru early September; mid-December thru early February) due to the extreme heat and cold temperatures.  Please contact us for more details.

Do you have puppies available to see in person?

Our pups are kept safe and happy in our professionally run kennels in S. Korea until they are ready to find their forever home.  Availability will vary based on demand and reservations.  Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries, we can only offer video call with clients who have placed a deposit toward their future puppy with us. Please contact us for details and availability.

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