Our mission is to spread pawsitivity to our clients by delivering ethically bred and sourced, premium quality, healthy, puppies.   



Each puppy is subject to a series of strict health examinations, performed by licensed veterinarians.  We are in strict compliance with the current IATA standards and health regulations for importation and exportation to countries around the globe.



We strive to provide our clients with a feel-good, hassle-free experience.  Happy Pup = Happy Client!

We believe that every puppy deserves to be loved and cared for in a loving, cruelty-free environment.

who we are

We founded Peppa Pups on the belief that puppies do not have to come at the expense of its welfare.  We have been in the industry for over 20 years in South Korea, and are excited to share our coveted pups with the global community!

In an effort to combat animal cruelty, we specialize in partnering with responsible and ethical breeders, who are licensed and have also been in the industry for many years.


Our kennels are well-kept, sanitary, and provide a loving environment for our pups to be nurtured and thrive. We work with licensed veterinarians on a weekly basis to ensure that our pups are in optimal health before they find a forever home with you.  

Thank you for supporting us in our journey to making a difference that counts.

Sincerely,  Team PP