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  • My puppy has a congenital condition that is untreatable with supporting documentation (must be a congenital condition as outlined in the 'What's Covered' section)

  • My puppy has passed away solely (100%) as a result of this condition

  • I have received my puppy up to one year ago

STEP  1  - Gather Documentation

  • ALL supporting documentation in the form of veterinary records, examinations, receipts, etc. 

  • Supporting documentation must bear: name of practicing, licensed veterinarian with registration number, business address, telephone number and email address; date of examination; diagnosis and prognosis of condition 

  • Documentation must also include the owner's name and details, along with the puppy's name, date of birth, and sex

  • An autopsy bearing the same above information must be performed within 5-7 days of the puppy's passing, with the results stating that the puppy's death was 100% solely due to the congenital condition and was at no fault of the owner in part

STEP 2 - Submit Documentation

  • Once all of the supporting documentation is gathered, electronic copies must be sent via email to: 

  • We are not responsible for any missing or incomplete documentation

  • The supporting documentation will be reviewed by a 3rd party veterinary team - Peppa Pups reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or information

STEP 3 - Wait For Results

  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for review of the claim

STEP 4 - Notification + Next Steps

  • Once reviewed, we will notify you via email of the result

*You may be eligible for a replacement puppy of similar breed, gender, color (timeframe will vary based on availability and seasonality) if your puppy has passed away due to any of the outlined conditions resulting in death in the 'What's Covered' section

  • The customer is responsible for any shipping charges including flight - any and all shipping charges incurred are to be paid in full prior to Peppa Pups sending a replacement puppy

  • The customer is responsible for the pick up (including customs clearance) any and all customs/duties at the time of pick up

  • Peppa Pups will cover the costs of any health examination, testing, documentation of the replacement puppy




  • Congenital heart defects (Scale 4+)

  • Congenital heart or organ failure or defect resulting in death


  • One (1) Year from the time of pick up (all supporting documentation must be submitted within this one-year timeframe for eligibility)

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